The NoPuff Pipe

We all know that smoking is harmful to your health. And now the dangers of side-stream smoke have been widely recognized. Children, co-workers and innocent bystanders are all subject to the same hazards as smokers themselves.

The revolutionary NOPUFF PIPE has been specifically developed to lower the amount of dangerous side-stream smoke circulating through the air. It is a totally self-contained system that holds tobacco, lighter and cleaning utensil, all in one small device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Itís great for cars, offices and other enclosed areas. Be sensitive: help clean up the air! Help yourself, your friends and your loved ones. Try the NOPUFF PIPE today!

• EFFICIENT: Totally self-contained. Holds its own disposable lighter. Has built-in storage chamber for automatic refilling of smoking materials.

• ECONOMICAL: All burning takes place internally, so NO WASTE! Smoking materials last longer.

• CONVENIENT: Wind screen lets you light up anywhere. Special design allows for easy cleaning. Weighs only 4 oz.