About the NoPuff Pipe

The revolutionary NOPUFF PIPE has been specifically developed to lower the amount of dangerous smoke circulating through the air. It is a totally self-contained system, that holds tobacco, lighter and cleaning utensil, all in one small device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Since all burning takes place internally, the only smoke emitted is what is exhaled. This can reduce side-stream smoke by up to 80%. Also, since

there is no waste, it is very cost efficient, as whatever you are smoking lasts much longer.

In addition, the NOPUFF PIPE has been designed to help concerned smokers who are trying to kick the habit. Normally, when a person lights up, he/she smokes an entire cigarette; NOPUFF allows you to smoke ONE PUFF AT A TIME. In fact, it even has counter knobs to help monitor daily consumption.

If you must smoke, NoPuff allows you to smoke almost anywhere, without exposing others to side-stream smoke. It?s also cost-efficient since there is no waste of smoking materials.

Download the Instruction Booklet

For more information about the dangers of smoke, you can download this PDF from the American Cancer Society. Click on “see the demo” to watch a video about the NoPuff Pipe or get a copy of the instruction booklet.