“I used to help my daughter with my grandkids all the time, but then she insisted I could no longer smoke in their house. I still don't smoke in the same room as the kids, but because there's so much less smoke, NoPuff lets me spend more time with them.”

-- Judy I., Greenwich, CT, Grandmother

“My wife and I finally retired and built a new home. She's lived in a "smoky" house for 42 years with me, and I promised I would try to quit or at least not smoke in the house. It has not been easy, but NoPuff and some great new mouthwash have kept us happy together.”

-- Andy V.R., Santa Fe, New Mexico, Retiree Husband

“My elderly Mom was placed in a nursing home last year where smoking is strictly forbidden; I've been a 3 pack a day person for almost 30 years and NoPuff helped me follow the rules without a nicotine fit. Plus, being able to limit myself to one puff at a time, rather than smoke the whole cigarette has really cut down my consumption.”

-- Joyce K., E. Brunswick, N.J., Concerned Daughter

“I play the Sax in a band and often have gigs in small lounges and jazz clubs. Most have become smoke free, and NoPuff lets me keep my equilibrium and my music flowing sweetly.”

-- Woody B., Chicago, Illinois, Everyday Guy

“For years we'd take family vacations in Delaware with our relatives. We would always drive straight through with my husband smoking almost the entire time. But ever since we had kids, I insisted no more! He agreed, and it extended our travel time by hours to allow for his many smoking breaks. Now with NoPuff and the window open, we are smoke free and back to our previous schedule.”

-- Lili R., Aventura, Fla., Concerned Mother

“I work in a midtown office and ever since "Smoke Free" arrived, have been one of those people "freezing my A..." standing on Madison Avenue sneaking a butt during breaks. NoPuff has let me find some warm spots inside where nobody is the wiser. Thank you.”

-- Alison K., N.Y.C.